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Trusted Small Business Growth Hacks That Work

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Small business owners use a ton of resources to just start a business. Once up and running, the work is far from over. No matter the industry, location, or concept behind a small business, a steady rate of growth isn’t easy to maintain. In a lot of ways, concerns about day-to-day operations make it tough to think about the near future, let alone the long term. So, what helps small businesses grow in a sustainable way?

Growth Hacks and Why They Work

In many cases, it’s going to take growth hacking. If you’re not familiar with the formal term, then you’re probably more aware of the practice than you think. Growth hacks testing the waters with a variety of small changes to your business approach to see what sticks. 

Everything from a new special on products to a change to your social media marketing can count as a growth hack. As you can imagine, there are a ton of options to try out. A handful of trusted small business hacks are proven to be effective. Here’s how to best utilize them for your small business.

Small Business Strategies for Growth

There’s nothing about running a small business that’s easy. You can follow marketing trends and utilize a helpful small business resources guide, but challenges always emerge. In the early days of a start-up or small business, these trusted small business growth hacks should be on your mind.

Mobile Optimization Matters

Think that mobile web browsing is just for on the go? Think again. Mobile devices account for more web traffic than desktop computers. Mobile optimization doesn’t just mean having a website that works on a phone or tablet. A fast and efficient site that users can access without problems from their phones is a must. If you haven’t looked into the mobile side of your small business, improving that single facet could make a huge difference. 

When it comes to a great website for small businesses, two things matter most: speed and organization. Speed ensures users don’t lose interest during load times. Organization makes it easy for potential customers to find what they need and complete the purchase. As more people shop on phones and tablets, mobile optimization becomes a bigger piece of the puzzle.

Offering Discounts for Email Listing Sign-Ups

When someone is subscribed to your email newsletters and listings, they’re going to be more likely to buy your product or service. In fact, email marketing accounts for nearly 25% of sales for most small businesses. Something as simple as 15% off a purchase for joining a newsletter can drive more people to your contact list. With a well-run email marketing campaign, you’ll now have a direct line of communication with customers interested in what you offer. 

Not as many people unsubscribe from emails after taking advantage of a deal as you’d think. For the most part, people wait around to see what else you offer. That means making sure that the discount is accompanied by email updates and newsletters that show the best of what your small business can do. With this, you grow your small business customer directory in a way proven to satisfy the consumer.

Promote Customer Reviews Across Multiple Channels

There are a number of access points to which new customers might discover your small business. Some might find you via Google search while others might come across your social media channels. Either way, one thing is going to make a difference: customer reviews. Every platform used by small businesses to gain a digital audience features some sort of review section. As it turns out, 82% of shoppers read reviews before making a purchasing decision.

Your homepage is a great place to feature a call-to-action for reviews as well as examples of positive customer experiences. If the first thing someone sees when first visiting your site are positive feedback, you gain credibility from the get-go. Then, once they complete their purchase, you can prompt them to provide feedback via email or on social media. Consider offering a discount for first-time reviewers to drive initial review numbers.

Targeted Ad Campaigns for Small Businesses Work

If someone visits your site without completing a purchase, you can still pitch your case to them again. Targeted ad campaigns on platforms like Google or Facebook present these web users with ads for your business after they exit without a sale. This practice is proven to work for small businesses and helps get your ad on major platforms with millions of daily users. 

When do targeted ads work? It’s not automatically guaranteed to succeed. Small business owners need to use targeted ads to build awareness, offer information, and highlight features of your business. By doing this, users who left your site for one reason or another aren’t being begged to come back. Rather, they’re seeing your brand again with information proven to drive sales.

Build Your Small Business with Proven Growth Hacks

Implementing and monitoring these growth hacks is a proven way to grow your small business. Find what works for your business and build on areas that show signs of success. Likewise, don’t be hesitant to abandon methods that don’t provide results. The stresses of running a small business might not go away thanks to these growth hacks, but they do make a path towards success a bit clearer and more manageable. Make the most of the opportunities awaiting your small business by exploring growth hacks today.

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