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Side Hustles for Teachers: The Complete Guide

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Being a teacher is one of the most essential jobs there is. Educators are the ones that ignite a love of learning inside each of us, and help mold us for future success in life. But despite all the responsibility that comes with being a teacher, it’s a well-known fact that being an educator is not always the best-paying job in the world. 

If you are a teacher that is looking for a way to supplement your income, there are many side hustle options that can fit your schedule and skillset. Whether you’re looking for work during the summer months, or perhaps an extra gig for nights and weekends, we’ve put together a complete guide to the opportunities that are available for you. 

Jobs to Keep You Teaching

Educating others is part of who you are. If you’re interested in a fulfilling side hustle that will allow you to continue teaching others, these jobs might be the way to go. 


Tutoring is an excellent option for teachers who want to continue using their skills as an educator. You can offer services for general tutoring for elementary and middle school students, or focus on subjects that you’re an expert in. Another option is to tutor high school students for standardized tests like the SAT or ACT, or even the GMAT for college students if you feel comfortable with the subject matter. Tutoring opportunities are also available online from sites like Tutors.com, so you can earn extra cash from the comfort of your own home. 

Standardized Test Administrator

While the criteria for becoming a test administrator will vary across states and school districts, it is an important role to fulfill anywhere. Administrators are responsible for ensuring that tests are taken fairly and that procedures are followed. Following testing, administrators will also be responsible for ensuring that no test materials are taken from the site, and that all tests are collected and submitted securely for grading. 

Volunteer Teaching Abroad 

Do you dream of traveling the world? Teaching abroad during the summer months is a great way to not only strengthen your skills as a teacher, but also learn the culture of a foreign place. There are some great options for short-term teaching jobs abroad, including foreign language summer camps which are popular throughout Europe, as well as volunteer opportunities in developing communities around the world. Go Overseas is a great resource to find opportunities for teaching, volunteering and english as a second language certified teaching. 

Adjunct Community College Professor 

Community college is a crucial part of our higher education system. Four-year colleges and universities have high costs for tuition, which is not always a realistic option for people. With more people opting for community college before transferring to a four-year school, there’s an increased demand for teachers in these programs as well. While some colleges may require a Master’s degree for employment, others only require a Bachelor’s and relevant teaching experience. Becoming an adjunct professor or teacher at a community college is a great way to continue teaching and change lives in a meaningful way. 

Babysitting or Nannying 

Parents are always looking for someone responsible to watch after their little ones, and who better to trust than a teacher? Babysitting and other forms of childcare on nights and weekends is a flexible option that allows you to continue spending time with children while earning some under-the-table cash. Online platforms like Care.com can help connect you with families in your area that are seeking caregiving services. Many online services will require you to pass a background check before they allow you to connect with other users. 

Jobs Online and On Apps

Earning a supplemental income is in the palm of your hands. Some of your favorite apps that you likely use on a regular basis offer opportunities for side hustles, and there are many ways to earn money online too. 

Drive for a Ride-Sharing App

Driving for a ride-sharing app has some great benefits that make it a perfect side hustle for teachers. Since you are your own boss, you can set your own hours and work when you want. Whether it’s a few nights a week or weekends only, ride-share driving offers flexibility to work when it’s convenient for your schedule. However, there are a few barriers to entry before you can start driving. 

For example, the ride-sharing app Lyft has several steps a person must take before becoming a driver on their app. Drivers are required to be at least 21 years old (New York City is an exception and only requires drivers to be 18) and must have at least one year of licensed driving experience within the U.S. Additionally, drivers must undergo both a DMV and a criminal background check. Ride-sharing apps also have regulations regarding the type of vehicles they approve, which also must be inspected by a licensed mechanic. 

Delivery Services

If you’re not comfortable driving strangers or other people as a ride-share service, you may instead want to consider various delivery services. Nowadays, people can order anything to be delivered with just a few clicks of an app, so there’s always going to be a need for drivers. Using your own vehicle, you can sign up to participate on apps such as Postmates and Uber Eats, and you can even deliver Amazon packages through their service Amazon Flex. Similar to ride-sharing, you are required to have a driver’s license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration, along with at least one year of driving experience. 

Rent Out Your Extra Space 

If you have an extra bedroom in your home, it is worth considering renting it out for a bit of extra income! You can even rent your entire home out on websites like Airbnb and VRBO if you have another place you can stay. While it can be a bit nerve wracking to allow strangers to stay in your private space, home-sharing sites offer insurance to hosts to protect you. There are also unique opportunities to rent out other spaces, like parking spots or driveway space.

Virtual Assistant 

Many people think that a virtual assistant (VA) is a role that is essentially an executive assistant, but VAs can offer so much more than that. While a VA will likely have some level of administrative work to do, they can offer a number of different services in the areas where they have experience. Some VAs will help with customer support, human resources tasks, bookkeeping, creating presentations — whatever there might be a need for. Most virtual assistants are required to have experience in some type of administrative role. 

Online Surveys

It may not be the most lucrative side hustle — most online surveys pay $0.50 to $5.00 per survey — it can add up. Online surveys are a great option since you have the convenience of filling them out anytime and from anywhere. Companies use these surveys to gather feedback and market research, so it is a win-win when people complete them. There are several verified platforms that can help you avoid scam surveys, such as Swagbucks and InboxDollars.

Jobs to Get You Outside

Sometimes you just need a breath of fresh air. Try these side hustles to get yourself outside and moving all summer long.

Dog Walking 

Is there anything better than spending some one-on-one time with a lovable pup? Not only is dog walking a great option to spend time with man’s best friend, but it’s also a good way to get some exercise into your routine. Brisk walking is good cardio exercise, which can help lower your resting heart rate and blood pressure. You can find dog walking gigs using old-school tactics like posting flyers around town, or you can even try a variety of apps. Similar to ride-sharing, there are mobile apps that instantly connect you with dog owners in your area who are seeking dog walkers or even dog sitters.  

Tour Guide

If you live in a historic city or neighborhood, there may be an opportunity for you to offer walking tours of your area to summertime visitors. Being a tour guide will not only get you outdoors, but it’s a great opportunity to look at the world through a new lens and teach others about the area you live in and love. Plus, being a guide will allow you to practice your public speaking skills, and you can use your knowledge of the area for future lesson plans too! 

Summer Camp Counselor 

Summer camp is always a memory from their childhood that people look back on fondly — so how great would it be to get paid to go back? You get to relive your childhood memories of playgrounds, arts and crafts and water balloon fights, not to mention spend all day in the gorgeous summer sun. As a teacher, you’ll be accustomed to the responsibility that comes with watching after children all day, but working as a summer camp counselor allows you to let loose and have fun with the kids. 


There’s nothing better than spending the summer in the sun, and lifeguarding is a great way to do that while protecting others. The American Red Cross offers lifeguard and water safety courses year-round, which will help you earn the necessary certifications and skills needed. Even as an entry-level lifeguard, the pay is typically above average due to the certifications you must possess for the role. In addition to getting to spend time outdoors and playing a vital role in protecting the safety of others, lifeguarding can help improve your skills in communication, problem solving, and staying calm in stressful situations. 

Coaching Local Youth Sports

If you grew up playing sports or have a personal interest in fitness, coaching for local youth leagues might be a great side hustle for you. It’s often not a high-paying role, but there are non-monetary benefits that come with coaching. You’ll have the opportunity to help kids improve their skills working as a team and see them create lifelong friendships with each other. As a coach, you will also improve your communication skills and serve as a mentor to each child. 

Lawn and Garden Care

Have a green thumb? You could earn some extra money in the summer months by going old-school and offering to mow lawns and tend to gardens. You can list your ad on local classifieds sites like Craigslist to help connect you with people in your area who might need your help.

Miscellaneous Part-Time Work

There’s an expression “an oldie but a goodie,” and the same can be said about these classic part-time jobs. They may not be the most glamorous option for a side hustle, but these are the jobs that are always available and offer flexible scheduling too. 


Serving on a restaurant wait staff has several pros and cons that you should consider before diving in. You may find yourself dealing with difficult customers, spending many hours on your feet and working late into the nights and weekends. On the plus side, you can make a fair amount of money from tips alone and it is a social job, meaning you won’t have to sit in the stock room by yourself for hours on end. If you enjoy chatting with new people and don’t mind the hours, waitressing is a great option. 


Much like waitressing, bartending can be a great way to make extra cash through tips from customers. However, it is usually expected that you’ve had experience as a barback previously and certain states require completion of an alcohol certification course prior to working as a bartender. You should also know how to make classic cocktails without a recipe.


Retail stores account for nearly 10% of the US’s entire workforce, and there’s a chance you may have worked in retail before as a teenager or young adult. Stores are almost always hiring sales associates, so this is a great option for any teacher who isn’t sure what side hustle they want to pursue. There’s a massive hiring increase during the holidays — in 2018, U.S. retailers hired almost 700,000 seasonal workers to get through the holiday season. You also get employee discounts on in-store items, so you can save a bit of money while earning it too. 

Many teachers and educators see side hustles or part time work as a necessity to supplement their income. On the bright side, there are so many options nowadays that teachers can choose what works best for their schedule or lifestyle. Whether you want to make your own hours, work from home or spend your time outside while earning extra cash, there are side hustles for every teacher in need. 

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